Stainless Steel fret sizes....

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Stainless Steel fret sizes....

Postby macguitarman » Mon May 14, 2018 9:36 am

Wondering if I could ask a "chiming" in on stainless steel fret sizes.....

Doing a build (not Kiesel), and when I had my HH2, I had the medium jumbo SS frets, which i believe are
.103 W x .048 H. I liked them, pretty good balance of height and width.

Jescar offers stainless in .104 x .047, so compared to Kiesel med-jumbo, these frets would be .001 wider, and .001 shorter.

(Not sure how Kiesel gets this "custom" sized wire, as it looks like Jescar does not off that size).

I like the frets on my HH2, not to narrow/wide, not too tall/short...

I am sure it has been discussed here, I am sure most would agree, especially for legato playing, frets size (material also), matter, hence the HH2 choice. I have to balance legato line playing with grabbing chord voicings over the neck... all meaning very low action, no buzz.. Thx in advance, john

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Re: Stainless Steel fret sizes....

Postby DWG » Tue May 15, 2018 7:33 am

Hi macguitarman!

I have the HH2 with the jumbo stainless steel frets. I absolutely love the jumbo frets. I have a lighter touch and so that very gliding/slippery feel is perfect for me. So, I'm just saying don't be afraid to try jumbo's.

You may be pleasantly surprised. Once I went to jumbo frets and 20" radius, I would never go back. :D

Happy choosing!

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Re: Stainless Steel fret sizes....

Postby Quivering Wrist » Thu May 17, 2018 4:17 am

I doubt Kiesel gets a custom size wire made. It's definitely Jescar and it's most likely .104 x .047. Kiesel probably just listed it wrong. And even if they are having custom wire made it would make no difference considering the super slight difference.

Low action is possible with either medium or jumbo. The only difference will be how much do you want your finger rubbing against the fretboard. Medium wire your fingers will rub the wood and let you feel the board where as jumbo you will feel less of the wood. It is whatever you are used to. Beautiful awesome playing can be done on either.

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