NGD: DC7X #7 came good in the end

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NGD: DC7X #7 came good in the end

Postby Antag » Sun May 27, 2018 6:36 am

OK, the NGD was several weeks ago, I just haven't got around to taking pics as usual. See my Gallery post

This guitar was a bit of a saga. To me, it's an interesting story of a mistake that would be easy to make being put right by great service.

Those who have seen my other posts will notice that I always order guitars with a tone delete & move the volume away to the tone position. The standard volume position is a "show stopper" for me.

Just over 11 weeks after ordering this one, I got a mail to say that unfortunately someone had accidentally drilled the standard control layout, very sorry etc. My choices were to take the guitar as is, or have it rebuilt as a "priority build" (being a DC, you can't really repair/fix that mistake). I chose the rebuild.

To add insult to injury the original guitar showed up In Stock. I have to admit that I had brief second thoughts because that guitar is beautiful, but decided to persist with the rebuild because I really cannot live with that volume pot being located where it is.

Chris told me 6-9 weeks for a priority rebuild, so I put a note in my calendar to keep an eye on FB from 8 weeks onwards ("no way are they finishing a guitar in 6 weeks" I thought). The wait is never a problem for me, so I forgot all about it.

To my utter astonishment, I got the Fedex mail exactly 4 weeks after choosing the rebuild :shock:
That made me worry: "How can they possibly build a neck-thru guitar from scratch to the usual high standard in such a short time?" I thought. I needn't have worried, the guitar that came was flawless & even nicer looking than the in-stock one.

So a mistake ended up with me owning another absolutely stunning guitar that is everything I hoped it would be. Great communication from Chris & really happy that it worked out in the end.

Now someone buy the in stock one. If you're not picky about the control layout like me, it will be a stunning instrument :)

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