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Ultimate cases on airplanes?

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:05 pm
by scheater5
So, this should probably go in a different forum - but 1) It is a relevant question to this forum, though not in my specific case but 2) it's time sensitive and 3) thus I'm posting in a forum with more traffic.

So in 2(!!) days, I'm headed to Japan with WIND to play some worship music. We got the word not long ago from the airline (which is not subject to the American FAA) will categorically NOT allow instruments that don't fit in the overhead in the cabin. Whenever we've traveled before, we've always put out guitars in the coat closet in the cabin, and thus took soft cases. It's also practically impossible to take public transit in Japan with big bulky cases.

So the question - I have the SC8N "ultimate soft bag." Does anyone have experience in having an instrument in checked luggage with a bag like this? I also have a old plastic-and-rigid-foam hard case, but I'm not sure it would provide any more protection.

I have some leftover foam from a keyboard case - I'm thinking about packing the putting my bass (an Icon 6) in the SC8N and packing the foam around it, trying to limit the movement. I'm worried about things being stacked on top of it.

Re: Ultimate cases on airplanes?

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:17 am
by 2Plus2isChicken
This is way too late obviously but I've heard using a soft or even a normal hardshell case for a checked instrument is a bad idea. A flight case is what I would use, or see if the soft case can be used as a carry on bag. I've actually never flown before so I'm no expert.

Re: Ultimate cases on airplanes?

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:08 pm
by scheater5
So, update. My Icon6 survived.

First up, kudos to Philippines Airlines. Apparently they realize their policy of "nothing in the cabin that doesn't fit in the overheads" is trouble for musicians, so they took epic care of our instruments.

In addition to my bass that was in a Carvin Ultimate case, we had a AE185 and a Yairi acoustic, both in gig bags (packed with clothes). We dropped them off with the checked luggage, and an airline worker took them off by hand (something I have NEVER seen ANY airline do) whatever it is they do with instruments. Lo and behold, they arrive at Narita - after a transfer in Manila of all places - all in one piece. The cases got a little more banged up getting back to JFK (I think they re-checked all the luggage in Vancouver, and in a hurry) but still the guitars were fine.

Here's a couple pics of how I packed the Icon in foam - there was an additional piece of foam layed on top of the bass that covered the whole body and neck.