So the Chris Letchford sigs. . .

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So the Chris Letchford sigs. . .

Postby HarlowTheFish » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:52 pm

So I've read all the threads I can get my hands on (hi, btw, first post!) I ordered a CL6 a couple of weeks ago, and just wanted to see if any Letchford sig (CL6, 7, or 8 ) owners had any issues or positive thoughts to share.
Mine's a CL6
Standard body and neck woods
Luminlay offset dots
Thinner neck
Clear gloss grabber
Tung oil neck
If anyone wants to pitch in regarding CS (Chris was excellent on call and over email), the Lithium pickups (which seem quite similar to the Ibanez/DMZ Fusion Edge pickups that I love), the CL sigs in general (headless with a superstrat shape, which was the idea. and I know someone got a CL7) or the thinner neck profile in comparison with a ESP Thin U, Ormsby, or Ibanez Prestige HP neck profile, that would be super swell of you. Love how chill the BBS is in comparison with in comparison with pretty much any guitar forum, love you guys for being super chill and helpful,
Thanks in advance for the help,

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Re: So the Chris Letchford sigs. . .

Postby maxpower » Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:01 pm

Awesome! Congrats!

I am enjoying my CL7.

I went with tung oil and thinner profile neck too.

I went with a white limba body which is supposed to be very similar to mahogany. I like the lithium pickups in this guitar.

Post picks when you get it :-)
CT4M, DC127, Bolt (kit), CL7

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