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Re: Hard Cases

Postby arahobob » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:29 am

I prefer storing guitars in hard cases. The gig bags don't stack well.
Sure they're awesome for for carting around town but that's about it for me.
The gig bag from my scb6 sits empty until I need to toss a guitar into it.
Only the v7 stays in the bag full time, but then again I don't have an alternative.

My Carvin bolt has the old style smaller case - it's held.up great.
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Some sort of multiscale 6 HSS with RAD ASH
JB Numbers Guitar (July sale has given me the itch!)

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Re: Hard Cases

Postby Doctor Turn » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:43 am

Thanks my friend. That came with my M80 mic, which is my go-to mic now when I need a unidirectional/dynamic mic that nonetheless has a very convincing condenser-type response. Blows the SM57/8 off the playing field (although it's quite a bit more expensive than the Shure). I find dynamics excellent to use in conjunction with condensers for studio vocals to create a stereo track of a single performance, using the condenser to comprise the meat of the performance and the dynamic to sit a little off to the side with a different compression and effect regime, to create a sense of space. It helps in complex mixes with a lot going on to sturdy up a simple non-doubled lead vocal,and it also helps in very simple mixes to create a sense of 3 dimensional space. M80 is gurreat for that stuff (and it's a great guitar amp mic, a fantastic snare drum mic.. it's just a great mic.. performers from Billy Gibbons to Snoop are using it).

Of course all mic manufacturers say that their dynamic mics have condenser type response, especially those that are used in live performance... but the M80 really does do that. Although I'm not big on being a walking billboard, I happily fly the Telefunken flag on my Les Paul case, and my Carr trucker hat and T shirt (which I wore this past weekend out and about!).
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