Neck differences from older 15 radius

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Neck differences from older 15 radius

Postby Fedz84 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:54 pm

Hey everyone, I have a question about some neck differences. Currently have a 2001 DC150 which I believe had the 15 radius neck, how much have the necks changed compared to the new standard 14 radius. Thinking about getting a bolt kit for awhile now just wondering how much difference of feel the necks are now.


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Re: Neck differences from older 15 radius

Postby UnexplodedCow » Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:18 am

There isn't much difference at all. Slightly rounder with 14" vs. 15", and I highly doubt one can differentiate between them. Not all models come with that; some come with 20" radius, such as the Vader, Zeus, or Osiris.

Neck width and thickness is about the same. There is a thin profile option, as well, which is closer to the 80s Carvins, from what I've heard.

I've owned a '96, '98, '03, '07, and '15 year neck thrus, all were very, very similar, minus neck build materials. I think the '07 was maybe slightly narrower, but it could've been due to having a tung-oil neck vs. a color-finished neck on the others. The bolt-on necks have thinner/narrower necks to me, except for one that I found second-hand that was spec'd differently, and its dimensions were that of the neck-thru types.

As far as build quality (not asked about, but still relevant), I believe it's improved. Not that the 90s were bad (quite the opposite), but the newer ones feel even more solid. Plus, they have some very wild options now, and some exotic woods (purpleheart is on the builder, and I've heard mention of cocobolo and ziricote). The same applies to all the paint/color options.
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