The Legend of Cowbell

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The Legend of Cowbell

Postby Rick500 » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:32 am

For future reference...

Posted by Baimun on July 22, 2004, 08:43 AM:
"The Legend of Ole Cowbell"

>Puts on Cowboy hat, coyotes howl in the distance, bonfire is burning....<

Ya see, there was this place... kindofa meetin' place where both the dirtiest trail snakes and the kindest of kin folk would gather... a story-sharing and question askin' kinda place... called the "Carvin Message Board".

A young geetar player that went by the name of "Cowbell" used to show up and share many a tale.... until one day......

... the day that a mysterious stranger dressed all in brown showed up at Cowbell's ranch... and greeted him with a cryptic message....

"... UPS..."

Yes, Cowbell had joined a gang... amost a cult really... As legend tells, members of the CT gang all purchase them new-fangled Carvey-topped Carvin Geetars. Cowbell was now one of them.

But the story doesn't end here.... no... this is where it gets weird.

Ya see... Cowbell promised to get one of them Picture takers to get a Pho-tee-graph of his new CT and share it with the group. Cowbell said.... "Not just yet... I need to find the perfect neck pickup..."

Nows days if you listen really close you can hear a sound on the wind.... a faint sound of a Geetar player named Cowbell that is playin' his Carvey top... Like a knight from King Arthur's Round Table... lookin' fer that Holy Grail of tone... the perfect neck pickup for his Carvey top.

Some people believe that he'll return someday..... we'll just have ta see.

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Postby Kevio » Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:30 pm, if you hear someone mentioning "Cowbelling", this is where it comes from. Basically, it's going on and on about your new gear, but not showing pics of it. And it's all in good fun!

The gear:
DC6, HH2X, V440, CT6T, V220C, IC4, IC5P, BB70P, XB75, AC40, LB70K, LB70, LB70, LB70F, XB76WPF, SB40, MB1, DN640K, DN440T, AC375

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