What are the "Hidden Options" I've heard about?

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What are the "Hidden Options" I've heard about?

Postby Kevio » Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:15 am

First of all, there's no such thing as a "Hidden Option". There's no super-secret, eyes-only list of options that aren't listed in the catalog or on the site. That's just another one of those rumors that got started and perpetuated in the past, and has never gone away.

An "Option 50" is anything that doesn't already have an option code. For example, my XB75 has a single HB pickup; no neck pickup. That's an Option 50, because there wasn't a place in the computer to select "no neck pickup". My BB76P has 2 HB pickups, with no coil splitters. When this was ordered, a 2nd HB pickup wasn't an option (it is now) - therefore, Option 50. If you wanted, for example, 2 gold knobs and 2 black knobs on a DC400 - Option 50. Basically, anything that doesn't already have an option code (such as ABD, BST, NKOA, BMF, G, etc, etc) is an Option 50, because that's the way the computer system works.

There is no list of Option 50 items. Period. And speculating here as to whether Carvin will or will not do a particular feature isn't the way to go about finding the answer. If you're serious, pull out your credit card, and call and ask. Some options vary - you want a V headstock on a 5-string bass? Well, it's been done before, but if it's the "busy season", they may not want to do it again (since it has to be made by hand). If you've seen something that was done, and you want the same thing, they may not want to do it because they found out it was hard, impractical, ugly or whatever when they did it the first time. Call and ask, and trust your salesperson's judgment. If they say something won't work, won't look good, is impractical from a construction perspective, etc, they know what they're talking about.

Also, it's worth pointing out that practically all Option 50 items negate the 10-day trial. This is one reason these types of options aren't encouraged. On paper, a single pickup CT with a seafoam green back and black quilted front may sound good, but could end up being a wreck - and you're stuck with it, and unhappy - and Carvin wants you to be happy, but they also don't want a bunch of bizarre returns they can't sell. Additionally, most Option 50 items will add 2-4 weeks to the build time, depending on what it is.

There are plenty of "official" options to choose from - thousands of possible combinations. If there's something you really, really want, and you understand the associated issues (increased build time, no 10-day trial), then call a salesperson to discuss it with them. Also, any Option 50 item falls under the general umbrella of available options - that is, under no circumstances will you get custom inlays, 3rd-party pickups, a doubleneck, a 22-fret DC127, etc. That's why the Option 50 items aren't that big of a deal - it's not a bunch of "members only" items - it's just a variant of some other feature, like a single pickup bass or an on-off pickup switch.

With all that said, there are options that appear on the site that don't appear in the catalog (for example, BGB - black gloss back). It's not that these options are secret or anything - the catalog has the most common options (and plenty of them), and due to space constraints, not every conceivable option can be listed. The website doesn't have those space limitations, and new options can be added as soon as they are official. So, generally speaking, trust the website to have the most complete list of available options.
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