Why doesn't my signature/WWW fields work?

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Why doesn't my signature/WWW fields work?

Postby Kevio » Fri Feb 16, 2007 10:40 am

The short answer: you must make 5 posts for the fields to be active. It's an anti-spam feature.

The long answer (that I wrote when I first implemented it):

OK, this really only affects newly registered users, but just so everyone knows the deal...

Recently, I have gotten inundated with "spam-bots". A spambot is an automated program that registers on the forum, automatically, solely to promote a meds site, gambling site, etc, by adding the offending site into the WWW field or signature field of a fake user's profile. The logic behind this is that if a site is mentioned on thousands of popular forums, it gets a higher Google rating, and maybe even some traffic from curious forum members. The fake user doesn't exist; the account is never activated, and the user never posts - it's just a program written to automatically register.

Sometimes, "human" spammers will register, just to put the offending link in their signature, then they make one post, and disappear.

So, I have come up with a solution:

- When a new user registers, they do not have a WWW or Signature box in their profile. Not until they've made 5 posts. So, a new user must post 5 messages before they can add a website address or a signature. The bots cannot post, and a "human" spammer won't know that they can add a signature after 5 posts.

- When an automated bot tries to register, they are bounced out of the system, and an email is sent to me with their IP address, the offending site they were trying to promote and so on. I can then block the IP address permanently.

The reason I'm publicizing this is so that noobs (which is all of us right now) will understand why they don't have a signature or a WWW spot, and so others can tell noobs this when they ask. This has worked great on the CM - it's blocked over 2000 spammer in a couple months, and had blocked about 1500 on the old Carvin.com BBS.

After your 5th post, you'll have to log out and log back in to activate the signature and WWW fields.

As always, thanks for the support.
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