And then there were four...

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And then there were four...

Postby helldorado » Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:20 pm

Since buying my DC7X in 2015, I had been hemming and hawing if 7's were really right for me. I got the AM7 earlier this year because I was thinking maybe a multi-scale would work better. They're just not for me, so it was time to downsize. The AM7 sold in like 2 days, the DC7X I expect will sell sooner than later, sooner if I lower my price a bit.

Anyway, one last time for posterity. The hardest part about selling both is they were gorgeous and sounded amazing! But good guitars need to go to good homes.


Once that DC7X goes, I'll be down to 4. It'll be the third Carvin / Kiesel that only had a temporary stop in my hands. I had a 1989 V220 in pearl pink that I bought back the early 2000's, and was lucky enough to be able to sell it back to the original owner the year I got married. So far I've kept every other one I've purchased

Now I have my hot pink V220, which was my replacement for the pearl pink one, my 26.5" tropic DC600, the hot pink crackle A6X I grabbed used a year ago and my original, very first Carvin, my DC127 which is on its third combo of pickups, lol. But this is it...


The DC600 is actually getting the most play of all my guitars right now. It's super comfy and I have it in B standard. I'm on a baritone kick, I'm writing my own stuff and B is the right tuning for me. Took me a while to figure it out, and I used to struggle with downtuning standard scale guitars, but these longer scale guitars are awesome for what I do.

Hence my need to convince Jeff to embrace longer scale 6 strings... I kept the V220 and DC127 out because they're awesome, and I got all my baritones out to fill the rack, and you can see it's not just one or two. I'd have way more Kiesels if they'd build me something in a longer scale! :-)


Eventually I'll get the A6X completed with it's modifications so it sees regularly rotation. I HAAAAAAAAATE the Lithiums.
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