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Please read before posting.

Postby Kevio » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:44 am

Carvin Products Photo Gallery Guidelines:

This Forum is exclusively for showing off your Carvin gear, and Carvin gear alone. The purpose is to have a centralized location where members can show their gear, as well as allow customers to see what certain combinations of woods, finishes, etc look like.

Please use a descriptive title in your thread, i.e., "My Sunsetburst CT4M" or "My Black Stain on Quilt DC400A" or, if applicable, "My Carvin Collection" - by using descriptive titles, it will allow users to more easily find examples they may be interested in. And try to keep threads on topic - the other "Show Your Gear" threads wander off pretty easily.

Pictures should be roughly no more than 500 X 500, although if you're showing an In-Stock picture of something you own, I realize it will be taller. If you have the ability, please shrink In-Stock pictures to about 800 pixels high.

If you posted in the other "Show Your Gear" threads, please repost here, as those threads will be deleted in the future.

The gear:
DC6, HH2X, V440, CT6T, V220C, IC4, IC5P, BB70P, XB75, AC40, LB70K, LB70, LB70, LB70F, XB76WPF, SB40, MB1, DN640K, DN440T, AC375

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