Frets for Both Lead and Rhythm

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Frets for Both Lead and Rhythm

Postby Trog » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:26 am

This is a duplicate of a recent post. I didn't know whether I was addressing the right people or not. I'm a newbie. I hope this isn't against the rules. Here's the original post, very recent from the time you'll see posted as of this duplicate.

Have any of you tried using SS Regular Frets, .043" H .080 W, for both lead and chords. I'm not a shredder, but I like to play some moderately fast leads occasionally - with room to breathe - on my song ideas. I'm also heavily into some "mangled" chords. Do you think I'd fare better with SS Regular Frets, .043" H .080 W, or SS Med-Jumbo Frets, .048" H .103" W?

My fingers are a little shorter than average, so I have to apply more pressure against the frets on some of the chords I hear and use. I know my fingers will feel the fretboard more at a .043 height, but can I make some unusual chords, requiring a lot of stretch and more pressure than usual, using the standard SS 048" H .103" W without going out of tune?

The frets have to be stainless steel. Once I tried them, I had no other option.

The guitar would be for an SCB6 - or a DC127 if the Kiesel/Hipshot becomes available as an option soon. I've bought a few Carvin/Kiesel guitars with the jumbos. Big mistake for me. I'd appreciate all opinions or additional information that can help me make up my mind. Thanks a million! :?

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