The Mario Sangermano Appreciation Thread

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The Mario Sangermano Appreciation Thread

Postby gumbynotpokey » Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:20 pm

I've not been on much lately. Prior to that, even, I'd been missing seeing Mario on the BBS as much as we used to years back.

Mario kicks major *?&$#@^! on the bass. In case you didn't know.

And here on the K/C fan-boy slobber board, we can also say stuff like this: Mario had the class to be involved in helping me out on a thread where I was getting ideas for my first fretless. He even helped me in PM land. What kind of help? Simple, precise, and just flat-out helpful. But it was the kind of help you get from somebody who knows exactly what they are talking about because they know what they are talking about. And he also nudged me/inspired me for no lines/no dots on my fretless. That also was the help I needed.

Anyway....for a player of that level to help a guy with input on a build is a prime example of why a BBS should be preserved, even in the era of "FB" and other so-called social media.

Mario Sangermano kicks. This is his appreciation thread.

Ok, you people know what to do.

And watch this clip. It makes me wish 3 things:
1. That I could read a walking line and sight-read it at performance tempo
2. That I could read a walking line
3. That I could read.

(PS: Mr. Brian Bromberg gets on the BBS and helps anyone/everyone as well. Geeze. We are SO fortunate for him and also others that we can name that have done and do the same. No disrespect or overlooking anyone is intended here. Just saying. I just wanted Mario to have a thread.)
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Re: The Mario Sangermano Appreciation Thread

Postby texastoast » Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:22 pm

Nice. I had never heard of him.(I do not get out much)

That video makes me want one thing. A Steinway and Sons grand.

The kid can tickle the ivory's pretty good as well.

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