Marshall Harrison

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Marshall Harrison

Postby locorogue » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:51 pm

Huge fan of Carvin/Kiesel, my brand of choice, but...i'm more than a guitar player, i'm an observer, i've seen the best 'they' say are the best, and i've seen everything in between, Marshall Harrison is(to me) a hybrid of Shawn Lane and Alan Holdsworth, simply jaw dropping, making the impossible look mundane. I mention Marshall because he loves his Kiesel?Carving headless Beckers. Also, you get guys most never heard of get endorsements, good for them, but there's a monster among us, who is in my opinion the baddest dude alive. I really think Kiesel needs to grab him before Ibanez does. Marshall plays his Ibanez a lot more then his Vigier lately, but he also plays his Becker headless a lot too. i just want to see him with Carvin/Kiesel and not Ibanez, i'd also love to see Govan with Kiesel. You got Howe, why not finish the job, and get the baddest dudes alive on your ticket, and promote them, it will only boost Kiesel/Carvin. this could be a very defining moment in time, very few get my insanity,but at least i'm not alone... dream...think about folks, the baddest dudes alive could all be with Kiesel, they have Howe, now they need Govan and Harrison...end of game

and those who don't know who Harrison is, check out his youtube channel, his past streams, or tune in at approx 11:30 est US, and watch the impossible...good night, and don't forget to talk to your plants

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