Bk50 Active Hb2/H50A wiring help

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Bk50 Active Hb2/H50A wiring help

Postby Cainkrem » Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:44 pm


I have the kit ready to go but the instructions for wiring the pickups were for the passive pickups. Sent a message to tech and received a diagram that was less than helpful. I'd love some help knowing what goes where including the battery wires. Is the active passive switch push or pull and is the bottom knob for volume or tone? I'm assuming the two loose pots not attached to the board are for the pickups. The kit instructions were pretty good up until the pickups.

Thanks for the help! This is my first Carvin/Kiesel guitar but I've been using the amps for a while and love them.


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