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Mid boost

Postby dzmondocus62 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:12 am

Hi All

Not really sure if I should be posting in the builders forum or the bass forum...i'll put it in both...

Anyway, here goes.. I'm restoring a 1989 LB 75 Bass as a project, I've just replaced a completely shot trussrod and dressed the frets, set up action, etc.
i've now turned my attention to the electronics and have got the board going again but would like to add some mid range eq to the mix. I've been searching around the site and noticed that Carvin introduced a mid boost add on unit in 1994. The PCB is 30-05033 and the schematic can be found on the service site.

http://www.carvinservice.com/crg/schema ... ule_94.pdf

I'm wondering if this unit can still be found either via Carvin or as after sales?
Does anyone here know if they can still be found or if they've been deleted. if not does anyone know of alternatives and how they can be wired into the existing board. The board is the Bass, treble ,blend volume one with the coil tap & phase switches, i think they replaced in the early mid 90's, so I assume the mid eq addon was a stop gap option before the old board was phased out.

Lots of questions I know, But i've tried going via the service webpage and theyve not bothered with a reply (twice). Just wondered if anyone has any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Darren

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