string thru or hardtail with finetuning?

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Nic Martens
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string thru or hardtail with finetuning?

Postby Nic Martens » Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:11 pm

At this moment I'm designing my own built. It will be (for my taste) the perfect mix between the sharp body of an Ibanez RG with Ibanez reversed headstock and the neck dimensions of an NT6 (a little thicker than the wizard neck).

I have most of the specs in mind, but still struggeling with two options for the bridge. It will be a TOM, for sure. But should I go for string thru design or a stopbar with fine tune option?

I know most of you will ask, so here are the full specs:

left hand guitar
25" scale, 24 med-jumbo frets
Mahogany body
Zebrano neckwood
Makassar fingerboard (highly figured) with own designed and executed inlay
Highly figured redwood top with matching headstock
schaller locking tuners
gotoh TOM bridge
string thru or schaller finetune tailpiece
EMG HET SET pickups
3-way toggle switch
black hardware
abalone purfling, pearl binding for body and headstock

I will start on this after new year. Recently I was customizing my Ibanez RG after redoing my frets. Got rid of the plastic cover plates and created mysef some stainless steel ones which I also carved. Dumped the H-S-H pickups and installed 2 EMG's (81/60), removed the 5-way switch for a 3-way. Added a volume pot.
For pictures, follow this link: ... _Xoc7D3gE#

The fretwork was so good I decided to go for it and make myself a neck thru.
I LOVE MY Carvin DC727, but I also love to push myself to the limit. That's why I come up with crazy ideas like this.

Oh and thanks for the help on the last dilemma! :D

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re: string thru or hardtail with finetuning?

Postby amon » Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:44 pm

Tune-O-Matic (the larger "harmonica" style) with a Gibson TP-6. Schaller's roller bridge and fine-tuning tailpiece combo is a very elegant looking version of the same idea, but not as heavy. A Schaller 456 combo bridge is pretty amazing. Or if you can get your hands on one of those Ibanez Mick Thompson bridges (essentially a non-tremolo version of their Floyd), although I'd imagine they're pretty rare as standalone parts. If you wanted to do some serious routing, a Steinberger type bridge (JCustom, perhaps). I've never tried a 2TEK bridge, but Warmoth has brought them back (although unfortunately only in chrome).

More metal = more sustain.

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