Triaxis issue

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Triaxis issue

Postby irmasil3 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:22 am

Does anybody has one of these?

I got one second hand, (claimed to be in good condition)with some minor modifications (ground lift switch was taken out), otherwise stock.

I think its V2. 82xxx model.

I am just playing with it, connected it to my trusted Marshall 20/20 el84. I have 2 rack rigs, one with the ADA MP1 3TM and the other one with a JMP1, both use 20/20 Marshall power amps and both have HUGE amounts of gain.

I was expecting that Triaxis would kick ass, however initially it wasn't happening. The only way to get some brutal gain out of it, is to have BOTH Lead drive 2 and Lead drive 1 above 5 with gain between 8-10. No matter what mode you are using (Lead 1 OR Lead 2). If one of those is 0, then the overall sound is not happening, actual Gain is too thin and uncompressed even if Gain is up to 10.

Now, according to the manual and some search I have done around, this should NOT be happening. When you choose Lead 1 red for example, you should have Lead gain 2 to 0 without this affecting the sound.

I am guessing its a malfunction of some sort, could it be old tubes?

Any thoughts?

PS: It was a no return policy so, I will have to suck it....

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