Schecter Ultra bass revive

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Schecter Ultra bass revive

Postby Toptube » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:56 pm

I was looking at this tele syle Carvin guitar the other day and thinking "man I wish I had a Carvin/Kiesel bass just like that."

Well it reminded me that I actually have a Schecter Ultra bass in the closet. It's like a cross between a telecaster and a thunderbird bass. I think the shape is really well done. A. It looks cool B. It balances great on a strap. Unlike may tele basses and thunderbird basses.

I gutted it a few years ago, because I was experimenting. But I never put this one back together. So, I think I'm gonna do that soon! I need to get a whole set of pots for it. I still have the pickups and the cavity cover. I.....might have the speed knobs. But if not, it will be easy to get something cool. :wall:

I don't have a bunch of cash right now. But I would love to get some Nordstrand Big Blades in this thing. I think their tone would be a perfect match for this acoustically warm and sorta upright sounding bass. EMG 35 size with some pickup rings would be sweet. But that's all like $300 so.... Maybe later...the stocknpickups aren't bad.
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