A Fresh New Start For Gibby In 2019?

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Re: A Fresh New Start For Gibby In 2019?

Postby Naked Ape » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:37 pm

spudmunkey wrote:I gotta say, I've sen quote a few NGD posts for 2019 Gibsons on youtube and a couple website, and it's been basically straight across-the-board wins...not just in lack of QC issues, but the owners saying, "Finally...they understand what i wanted." They are doing something right, it seems. it's heartwarming to see, honestly.

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Re: A Fresh New Start For Gibby In 2019?

Postby Bob77 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:07 am

DannyB819 wrote:I'm hopeful. I've only ever had one Gibson, my R9, and I've never been that big of a "Gibson guy," but I like to see them doing well. I think Gibson doing well is good for the industry at large.

It looks like they've got a solid foundation on which they can reset and re-establish the classic line while leaving some wiggle room for more modern options to keep evolving with the times. Good for them and good for the guitar world, I say.

Gibson's sweet spot is with the historic reissued Les Pauls like the R9 you have. Those "R" series guitars are no joke. Anybody that criticizes Gibson but hasn't played those R series Les Pauls is missing big time. Those guitars really give you the tone, feel and vibe of the very first Les Pauls ever built. Very impressive instruments. Price is a turn-off for most people, but I think they are worth the price.

Good to see Gibson is trying to move into a good direction these days.
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