New Mic Day: Lewitt DTP340TT

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New Mic Day: Lewitt DTP340TT

Postby Cynical » Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:02 pm

New microphone day! Lewitt DTP340TT. Designed as a tom mic, similar to a Sennheiser MD421, but about a third the price; I obviously got it for a guitar, mainly to blend with an SM57 (I've heard a lot of good results from people using a blend of a tom mic and a SM57 on a cab). On its own, it's overly-scooped and fizzy beyond belief, but I'm really liking it combined with the 57; makes everything much less nasal, and brings in some "oomph" that the 57 on its own is missing, while the 57 provides the midrange body. ... MOsWjOF3_c ... vFOV_4MIZs ... IqadHKcvXG

Above is the same track, miced up with both the SM57 and the DTP340TT. Blend is first link, SM57 only the second, DTP340TT the third.

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