It's kinda jazzy, but it's really hi-gain

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It's kinda jazzy, but it's really hi-gain

Postby Linear Phase » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:24 pm

It's also not a complete song. It's me kind of just speeding my fingers on the guitar. So, here's the deal though. I just took a 4 year break from all music. I am now back to playing music. 4 years ago, I was just exhausted. I play a Carvin ST 300.

I am using Ohmstudio and am open to bass players, drummers, percussionists of any type, multi-instrumentalists, electronic musicians, vocalists to come find me on Ohmstudio. I just bought a HeadrushFX :-)

This is my Carvin Guitar, through my HeadrushFX, and recorded in Ohmstudio with no further effect, the rendered 16 bit wav was then directly posted to soundcloud, and my soundcloud name: DoctorPhase has been updated to reflect my name on Ohmstudio. My name on Ohmstudio is DoctorPhase

Btw, this Carvin is awesome. I know it's a Super-Stratocaster, ya know :rockon:
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