LB70 strikes again, with cameo by CT4 and Carvin cab

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LB70 strikes again, with cameo by CT4 and Carvin cab

Postby ThaTroll » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:40 am

My main band Sorus released their latest EP, "Artificial Life," in December, with my trusty 2002 LB70 handling all bass duties. This was also my first time ever recording guitars, as I used my CT4 to record a third guitar track throughout most of the EP. Since I wrote a lot of riffs and tunes on this album, my bass and guitar parts are typically locked together playing the basic grooves more simply than usual to keep things tight, with the other guitarists adding flare.

Here's the EP streaming on Bandcamp. If I can figure out how to embed the player here I'll do it later.

Signal chain on bass was the LB70 (with Aero pickups) -> my live pedalboard -> QSC GX5 powering a SansAmp RPM -> Markbass 4x10 neo cab. The bass tracks are a blend of a mic on the cab, the DI out from the SansAmp, and sometimes a third track of extra grit the producer made by cloning the DI track, cutting out a lot of lows, and adding fuzz. I used a few different pedals sporadically (particularly on the intro of the song linked above), but the vast majority of the parts are uneffected.

Signal chain on guitar for me was the CT4 (C22 bridge pickup) -> Marshall Jackhammer pedal set for moderate overdrive -> one of my guitarists' Orange Rockerverb -> my Carvin 2x12 cab.

The other guitarists were lame and did not use Carvin/Kiesel gear -- one used a Gibson Explorer into a Mesa Double Rec, and the other used a Flying V into the Orange Rockerverb, both using 4x12s from a defunct local builder called Krazy Cabs.

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