Standard Kiesel or Incorrect split coil wiring?

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Big O
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Standard Kiesel or Incorrect split coil wiring?

Postby Big O » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:20 am

This is a repost from my thread in the Tech Talk forum. Thought it would be more appropriate here.

I have coil splits on my newly arrived Kiesel. Splitting the coils on the new Kiesel doesn't sound quite like the other guitars I have coil splits on, so I investigated the wiring cavity. Both humbuckers (S22's) are wired to the push-pull switch on the tone pots exactly the same. According to the Kiesel (Carvin) PICKUP WIRING INSTRUCTIONS document, it appears both humbuckers are wire in the Coil “A” (North) on in single coil mode configuration. For reference purposes, TOP COIL A (North) has RED and WHITE wires, where the RED wire is the North Coil Start (Hot Side) and the WHITE wire is the North Coil Finish. BOTTOM COIL B (South) has BLACK and GREEN wires, where the BLACK wire (Ground Side) is the South Coil Start and the GREEN wire is the South Coil Finish. Is this wiring configuration correct? Or should the switches be wired so that one Coil Split switch selects the TOP COIL A configuration and the other Coil Split switch selects the BOTTOM COIL B? This is the way I am accustomed to split coil wiring of humbuckers being done.

See diagram below on how the wiring was done on my Kiesel - all wire colors are exactly as they are in the cavity except for the shield/ground which is depicted in orange on the drawing. Capacitors on the tone pots are 0.022uF and there are treble bleed capcitors on the volume pots. This is pretty standard LP type wiring with coil splits as per diagram. That is standard Hum-Hum with separate tone and volume controls for each PU and no middle single coil PU inbetween.

For Reference: Humbucker on top of diagram is the Neck PU and the humbucker on the bottom of diagram is the Bridge PU.


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Re: Standard Kiesel or Incorrect split coil wiring?

Postby /Y\ » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:42 pm

I think your guitar is wired for the best sound, although there's no right or wrong here. For my taste, splitting the bridge pup to use the bridge side coil is too thin and bright in a tinny way. Split humbuckers are not as typically not as powerful as single coils, unless the humbucker is really high output. So they sound better when exposed to the greater string movement farther from the bridge.

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