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Postby Kevio » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:41 am

Welcome to the Official Carvin Technical Support & Customer Service Forum. This Forum is intended to help Carvin customers with technical issues regarding Carvin gear, including guitars & basses, amplifiers, and pro audio gear. Carvin tech support, customer service, engineering and other staff will monitor this Forum in order to assist you quickly and efficiently with your Carvin gear.

For immediate "self-help" service, visit the FAQ and Troubleshooting section of Many technical issues are simple problems with simple solutions that can be found on the Service site. If you can't resolve your problem on the Service site, then post here for assistance from Carvin. Please be detailed: describe the exact problem, and what troubleshooting you've already attempted.

This Forum is not for:

- Shipping Status/Custom Shop Build Status/Refund Status

- Product Suggestions (see the "Product Suggestions" Forum)

- Website Issues (see the "Website Suggestions" Forum)

- General Questions ("Will Carvin do this...?")

- General Discussion

Posts that don't follow these guidelines, or that contain profanity, incorrect information about Carvin products, or any other inflammatory/inappropriate behavior will be subject to immediate deletion.

Posts in other forums requesting technical assistance will be moved into this forum to allow Carvin staffers to more easily find and respond to help requests.

In the interest of helping customers, BBS members are asked not to speculate regarding a technical issue another member may have. If you think you have relevent information that may be helpful, then by all means, please contribute. However, customers posting here are encouraged to await a response from a member of Carvin.

This Forum will be monitored by Carvin staff. However, please keep in mind that depending on the time of day, day of the week, and other factors, you may not get an immediate response.

For more information, visit In addition to FAQ and Troubleshooting information, has manuals, schematics, replacement parts, setup information and service/exchange information.

The "3 Rules" at the top of the page still apply. This is not a place to complain, sell, etc. This forum is specifically designed to assist customers with technical questions.

If you need immediate assistance, please call Carvin's Customer Service at (800) 854-2235.

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