60 cycle hum issue with Carvin AC175

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60 cycle hum issue with Carvin AC175

Postby Crackle » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:42 pm

I have a Carvin AC175 that is estimated to be roughly 20 years old. It does not see much playing action and spends extended periods of time in climate controlled storage. Recently I pulled the guitar out of storage and found that the guitar has a 60 cycle hum that I don't remember being present in the past. It is very noticeable when not strumming but the hum does vanish if I touch the knobs or jack plate. The strings don't have any connection to ground. I can't find any potential grounding issue in the control cavity. Can anyone provide advice on how to remedy this? Thanks.

On a side note, this very AC175 was previously owned by Michael Wilton and saw a couple world tours around Queensryche's Promised Land and Hear In The Now Frontier eras.

Gary Kissinger
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Re: 60 cycle hum issue with Carvin AC175

Postby Gary Kissinger » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:28 am

Hi Crackle----
My AC175 has the same issue. I checked all the grounding, but the problem continues.

DID you find a fix??

Gary 808/282-0418

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