Nut is not tight enough on my new Jb100C

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Nut is not tight enough on my new Jb100C

Postby Marius » Thu May 25, 2017 2:32 pm


My JB100C came 3 days ago. I have to say that the guitar is stanning !, but I have something to complain about the guitar. Today I tried the tremolo and almost everytime I used it like after a dive bomb I heard a cracking on the right site of the nut. Every screw was tightly tightened except one, the right screw on the nut. I tried to tight it but it didn't work. I think that the screw is twisted, it follows that the nut is not fixed and i think thats where the cracking is coming from. Is there something I can do so the screw get hold again?

P.s I just looked closely on the nut while using the tremelo and you also can see the nut on the site with the "broken screw " moving forward and backward. The Truss Rod cover is moving because of the nut too

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Pall Mall
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Re: Nut is not tight enough on my new Jb100C

Postby Pall Mall » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:48 am

You need to call them and send it back if its messed up. Give them a chance to fix it.

At first I thought the cracking noise was possibly a sticky nut and the noise was the string breaking free but you may have other issues

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