Problems with FedEx shipping

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Problems with FedEx shipping

Postby 3040craig » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:48 pm

Hey guys, my new Vader (which is incredible) arrived this past week, but not until after quite a headache situation with FedEx.

The original scheduled delivery time was supposed to be Tuesday between 10AM and 3:30PM. My dad was gracious enough to work from home that day, since I am at college during the week and couldn't be there for the delivery. Well, after he stayed home the entire day and saw no sign of FedEx, I checked back on the tracking page, which claimed that there was nobody available for a signature. Frustrated, since no one ever came to the house or left a sticker on the door, I called customer service. I was assured that the driver would make the delivery the next day, after giving specific instructions on where my house was, etc.

The next night rolls around with no sign of any delivery attempt once again. Tracking info has not changed. Customer service assures me once again that the delivery will be made the following day, despite the fact that no attempt was made today.

The next morning, the tracking info makes no indication that it is out for delivery. Once again, I'm on the phone with customer service. This time, they decide to give the real story: the driver's truck had broken down on Tuesday and had been sitting in a repair shop ever since and they would try to track down my guitar ASAP. After hearing this I'm incredibly frustrated. My $2100 guitar was possibly in some sort of car accident and was now MIA. Beyond that, I was lied to by FedEx on what the situation was. Next, I receive a call back saying they were able to find the package in "an odd cubby of the truck" and they would try to deliver it tomorrow.

By now, my father and I were finished hearing the "tomorrow" promises. Thankfully, after hearing our frustration, FedEx agreed to have some one drive a truck over with nothing but my package inside and have it delivered by the afternoon. When I finally pulled it out of the box unharmed, you can imagine my relief.

I know this was not an issue on Kiesel's end, but I'm tempted to shoot them an email just to make them aware of how FedEx is handling their products and treating their customers. What do you all think? Have you had any issues when waiting for your guitar to arrive?

PS here's a photo of the beast
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Re: Problems with FedEx shipping

Postby massifontana » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:45 am

I konw it's frustrating but theese things could happen with ANY Courier, U've been only unlucky.. :(

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Re: Problems with FedEx shipping

Postby Doctor Doug » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:23 am

I had HUGE problems with UPS when I ordered my Bolt Plus kit. I'm not going to go over them because I've posted about it enough.

Fed Ex was fantastic with my CS6. They even made a point of calling me (at my request) when the driver was on his way to my place because the buzzer for my apartment is disconnected. That way, I didn't have to pick it up at the warehouse.

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Re: Problems with FedEx shipping

Postby spudmunkey » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:29 am

So much of it comes down to the driver. Pretty much all of it.

When I ran shipping and receiving for a retail store, we'd have one driver that asked for all of our numbers so that if there were any problems, he would call us and let us know if he was running late, etc. Then after he retired, the new guy would just leave packages at our locked back door without knocking, ringing the bell, or anything. The only reason we knew they were there was because I got a email notification that a delivery was completed, and he had entered my name as "received by" even though I was off and not even working in the store that day.

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