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Re: Bit The Bullet

Postby texastoast » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:08 pm

ghostryder wrote:This is really sad. Good guitar companies stand by their product. You can't even argue that it is a burl top - and if the person with authority picked it out - he shouldn't be in that position because an average 8 year old would do a better job.

There's only one way to handle a complaint like this. And this example is one on not how to handle it. But to cheer those up let me post how you gain customers for life:

Imagine. He was the second owner. It was used. They still stood behind it. I've never really explored RPS guitars being a fender guy but this video certainly makes me respect the company a whole lot more.

Whereas this thread has the opposite effect. $400 for a top you did not get - and an attitude on it is simply bazaar.

That is amazing service.

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