Made a 3D Model of the CT624 I Ordered!

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Made a 3D Model of the CT624 I Ordered!

Postby alainxyz » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:46 pm


Artstation Link

Was so excited to get a CT624 that I went ahead and modeled out in 3D what it would look like!

Here's the specs:

CT624 - Kiesel 24 Fret California Carved Top Electric Guitar
Right Handed
X - Hipshot/Kiesel Tremolo System
AS - Acoustic Saddles & Output (N/A w/ FT6 Bridge, Vintage Tremolo or VT2 Controls; Passive Pickups Only)
QDQ6 - Deep Aquaburst Quilt
CG - Clear Gloss Finish (Standard)
N LMB - Black Limba Neck & Body
GNB - Clear Gloss Finish Back Of Neck (Standard)
THNN - Thinner Neck Profile
EPH - Ebony Headstock Clear
6INR - Pointed Straight 6 Inline Reverse Headstock
EFB - Ebony Fingerboard (Less Color Variation)
IB - Block Inlays
IA - Abalone Inlay Material
STF - Stainless Med-Jumbo Frets .048" H .103" W
R14 - 14in Fretboard Radius (Standard)
BBE - Natural Top Wood Body Binding (Standard)
BC - Black Hardware
KLB - Kiesel Passive Lithium Bridge Pickup
KLN - Kiesel Passive Lithium Neck Pickup
400 - Black Pickups (Standard)
PPB - Kiesel Lithium Black Pickup Poles
ABL - Abalone Logo
46 - Elixir 1046E Light Gauge .010 - .046 (Standard)
HC10 - Black Tolex Hardshell Guitar Case


Still a WIP, but it's looking pretty good so far. :D
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Re: Made a 3D Model of the CT624 I Ordered!

Postby wickid » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:04 am

Great job! 8)
I think somebody just kicked Evster to the curb for photoshopping. (Wheres he been?) :wink:
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Re: Made a 3D Model of the CT624 I Ordered!

Postby ElfDude » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:28 am

Neato! :applause:
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Re: Made a 3D Model of the CT624 I Ordered!

Postby slayer » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:17 pm

Very cool
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