Installed EMG TWX'S in my Vanquish multiscale.

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Installed EMG TWX'S in my Vanquish multiscale.

Postby GlassToMouth » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:34 pm

After 6 months of debating, I pulled the trigger. I'm so glad I did. The aforementioned electronics are now installed in my beloved Kiesel Vanquish multiscale VM49K. These are not a drop and fit. I had my local tech do the installation, routing an EMG 45 size in favor of the P2 size. Shout out to Noll Guitars in Cranston, RI for nailing everything. I do need to order a pair of concentric gold knobs since Kiesel uses a smaller shaft size. Yes, the mismatched knobs bother me.

I didn't dislike Kiesel's stock electronics, but I've always been an unapologetic, rabid EMG fanboy. The stock humbuckers were a little too wooly, round, and mid biased for my tastes. The stock guts were also a tad hissy as well. If the treble was boosted in the slightest, it was a bit annoying. I prefer a modern, scooped, slap friendly sound. I still rate Kiesel's radius humbuckers to lean towards Hi-Fi over vintage, but I wanted even more modern sharpness. Tonally, It's like a Kiesel Vanquish and a Dingwall Combustion had a baby... and I love it. And dead quiet/no hiss, which I've come to expect from my fourth go around with EMG overhauls in my basses.

After I returned home, I put it through it's paces through headphones and full rig. I really love the push/pull tonal variety. I never owned the original TW's (with the apparent volume output variances) but the even output across all of the settings is delightful. The single coil setting when soloing the bridge pup was a little thin at first, so I flipped that one around with the single coil setting favoring the neck. Thanks TB for teaching me that trick. So much better now whether blended or soloed. It will be a couple weeks before I can give a gig report, but I'm ecstatic with this bass now. Most comfortable I've ever played, and I've got yet another in the stable that has that sound "in my head" that I've always been chasing.

I hope to have a tone demo completed soon.

VM49K Vanquish multiscale 4 string 4/29/17

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