After the Honeymoon..

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After the Honeymoon..

Postby cavemaniac » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:16 pm

Okay so.. I've owned an LB75 for a year and a half, as well as an LB70 for a year. Specs won't matter at this point so I won't be waxing any lyrical on them; there are tons of crazy builds out there that make mine look vanilla as it is! I do think, however, that a review after the honeymoon is just as, if not more valuable than one out of the box. I see myself as the sort who purchases instruments to use for keeps, not to be a case queen or to be a serial swapper (resale value of Kiesels, another story for another day). Probably keep it in point form so I don't lose track and get too wordy:

    Both have not required any additional setups or truss rod adjustments after the first.

    I am more of a bedroom musician and still in love with their feel and tone.

    Customer service has been top-notch, for me at least. Responsive, helpful and prompt. Had to get my saddles replaced for the LB75 after mine was built with blacks when the spec sheet stipulated gold. Shipped fast.

    Electronics are still working fine, though I don't think anyone will fault these parts for needing contact spray at some point.

    The 18V circuitry on the LB75 is a real battery guzzler.

This last thing, it'll have to be wordy. I got a detuner/Xtender for my LB70. Interestingly, that one tuning machine was the lone Gotoh; the rest were in-house machines. The wearing out of the gold finish on the Kiesel ones were amazingly fast. I deliberately chose not to clean any of the tuning machines on the LB70 just to see a marked difference; Gotoh one is as good as pristine, the Kiesel ones have matted generously.

It'll be interesting to hear stories from other long-time owners as well, about how you feel towards your instrument. I don't count a year and a half to be long, at all.

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Re: After the Honeymoon..

Postby gumbynotpokey » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:18 pm

04 LB70P

2 tuning pegs sheared off....the first one after about 10 years or was the low E....the second one about 1.5 years after the was the A

contact cleaner sprayed it twice so far....piece of cake

18 volt guzzler? no clue. I played her active for the first 10 years and put in new 9 volts every string change...when they get a bit dirty and dampen down a bit i change them...never went out on me one time

one truss rod adjustment ever, about 2 years ago...less than 1/4 of a turn....

THAT's IT. She is a beauty/workhorse. Regulars know I've played 3 services a week for the last 10 years, plus a weekly 1.5 hr practice. She was IT until the beloved walnut fretless LB joined her in about 2012.

2012 LB claro BEM HAN fretless
This flawless beauty is a flawless beauty who has functioned like the flawless beauty she is.

No tweaks. No nothing.

She is a gem.

BOTH BASSES are road-worthy, gig-worthy, workhorses that sound amazing. I play them both passive now, and have for the last few years. For the fretted 04 I solo the bridge HB. For the HAN fretless play equal/max of both the neck and bridge J99A's.

LOVE these basses. :)
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Re: After the Honeymoon..

Postby Crinocerous » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:24 am

I have two Sb5000s and for the most part are still great. Still love that body shape.still look great. The nickel frets on the fretted one is still really good even though its my main instrument. I re fall in love with them all the time

I have had to replace the white rings on the tuners once which iseems normal wear and tear.

My only gripe was the batch of electronics at the time were noisy and had to replace the pre on the fretless and both the pre and pickups on the fretted. Dont know why all were humbuckers but the fretted one picked up every rf noise under the sun. Switched to bartolini and never had that problem again. My new vanquish's electronics is worlds better and have had no issues
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