BKP pickups routing VS Lithium

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BKP pickups routing VS Lithium

Postby PO0784 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:40 am

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about swapping the lithiums (7 string) for something else just for fun (maybe BKP). However, I'm wondering if BKP pickups require a different routing (depth).

In the past, I bought dimarzio illuminators for my old Ibanez rg7420 and I was surprised by the bridge pickup depth vs the stock pickup. I had to route the body so that I was able to make it fit. A real mess! lol. This time, I don't wanna mess with the guitar body :think: . Thats the only time it happened to me however (SD were usually direct fit).

Thanks for your input and share your experience!

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Re: BKP pickups routing VS Lithium

Postby EL_SUPER_BEASTO » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:55 am

You should be good, depends on the model perhaps. I have a JB w/ Dimarzios that fit very well and have a lot of level adjustment.I have another set of BKP's that BKP modified at the factory to make absolutely sure would fit, but I have not installed them yet. From what I can see they will have no trouble going in once I find a tech I trust to do the wiring.

Might be a good idea to reach out to BKP directly, they are really helpful and can give you a proper answer if you have the cavity measurements.

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