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Vanquish guitar wiring nightmare

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:40 am
by Leastmetal
Had a botch pickup swap done so I’m just gonna redo everything. If anyone has a diagram for a vanquish with the standard wiring (2 hum,1 volume push/pull coil split, 3 way toggle) the older Carvin diagrams aren’t helping and everything I find online never seems to look right.

Re: Vanquish guitar wiring nightmare

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:15 pm
by wickid

It might just be a matter of p/up lead color code differences?
For C/K -
Red = hot
Black = ground
White / Green = tap leads.
Plus 1 bare shield lead (sometimes also black however).
So you might just need to figure out what the relative lead colors are for your p/ups and re-wire.

You might still be able to reuse parts of the wiring diagrams for reference, as the push / pull pots are just pots with a mini switch attached. When you pull up, the "closer" 2 lugs to the pot housing are linked, and push down = "further" 2 lugs. But the hook ups are basically the same for coil tap (there are 2 sets of 3 lugs).
It probably wires up so the 2 inner coils are on so it uses each "flavor" of coil tap. 1 flavor probably has the middle lug to ground and with the outer (closer / further) lugs to 1 p/up's taps or ground. The opposite side middle lug is to hot, with the outer lugs to the other p/up's hot or taps.
(You can wire up the taps however you like, or omit for either p/up.)

(Hot, ground, 3-way)
The vol pot probably has 1 of its lugs grounded to the pot body. Output jack hot is probably wired to Vol. Then sent to the 3-way toggle middle lug. 1 p/up's "hot" lug from the 3-way toggle is sent to the "mini tap switch" lugs - middle on 1 side. The other "hot" 3-way lug is sent directly to the other p/up's hot lead.
The output jack ground, as well as the other "mini tap switch" middle lug, the p/up shields, and the ground from the p/up that doesn't have its ground lead connected to the mini switch, are probably grounded to the vol pot body. The body is probably grounded to the shield tape, along with a wire from the bridge.

That's a guess based on wiring I've done with my other Carvins (and Kiesel). I do not own a volume-only Vanquish.

Good luck.