Frets Good for Both Lead and Chords

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Frets Good for Both Lead and Chords

Postby Trog » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:10 am

Have any of you tried using SS Regular Frets, .043" H .080 W, for both lead and chords. I'm not a shredder, but I like to play some moderately fast leads occasionally - with room to breathe - on my song ideas. I'm also heavily into some "mangled" chords. Do you think I'd fare better with SS Regular Frets, .043" H .080 W, or SS Med-Jumbo Frets, .048" H .103" W?

My fingers are a little shorter than average, so I have to apply more pressure against the frets on some of the chords I hear and use. I know my fingers will feel the fretboard more at a .043 height, but can I make some unusual chords, requiring a lot of stretch and more pressure than usual, using the standard SS 048" H .103" W without going out of tune?

The frets have to be stainless steel. Once I tried them, I had no other option.

The guitar would be for an SBC6 - or a DC127 if the Kiesel/Hipshot becomes available as an option soon. I've bought a few Carvin/Kiesel guitars with the jumbos. Big mistake for me. I'd appreciate all opinions or additional information that can help me make up my mind. Thanks a million! :?

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Re: Frets Good for Both Lead and Chords

Postby ilyti » Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:27 pm

Have you tried playing a strat/tele with teensy tiny frets? Personally I think they are diabolical, but some can't play on anything else. I have also owned an LTD with extra jumbo frets, which I eventually did not get along with. It wasn't causing tuning problems, but I "felt" the frets too much while sliding. Medium jumbo is where it's at for me.

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