Angle of Multiscale pickups? (SOLVED!)

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Angle of Multiscale pickups? (SOLVED!)

Postby spudmunkey » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:00 pm

Since this question comes up fairly often on FB, I thought it made sense to have an easily-searchable result here on the BBS that would be easy to link to and have continuing discussion on...something FB suuuuucks at. :laughhard:


6-string: 10.2304 degrees
7-string: 13.339 degrees
8-string: 11.0186 degrees

It also might be worth using this thread to note companies that can make custom-angled pickups to match Kiesel's angles.
- I've heard Instrumental Pickups can
- I've heard Seymour Duncan can, but it can take a long while
- I've heard Bare Knuckle pickups has angled pickups and their angles are "close enough".

From Facebook:
- Wolftone does re-winds
- Guitarmory does re-winds and also new pickups, including wood bobbins.

search term planting: multiscale multi-scale fanned fret pickup pickups pick-ups angle angled
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