Kiesel KL12B & KL12N Wiring

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Kiesel KL12B & KL12N Wiring

Postby aoresteen » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:58 pm

I bought a set of Kiesel KL12B & KL12N pickups and found the wiring instructions to be a bit confusing. The manual link for these pickups takes you to an older document based on the Carvin C22 pickups. I spent some time with a meter and sorted out the color codes. The KL12B coils measured 6.8K (total in series of 13.5K) and the KL12N coils measured 3.7K (total in series of 7.4K) as expected.

1. The KL12B & KL12N have 5 wires each:

Red Begin Coil A (North)
White End Coil A (North)
Green End Coil B (South)
Black Start Coil B (South)

Bare Ground wire

2. Normal Humbucking Series Wiring:

Hot - Red wire
Ground - Black wire
White & Green soldered together & insulated from all other wires

Bare to Ground

3. Split Coil - Coil A (North) alone:

Hot - Red wire
Ground - white wire
Ground - Green wire
Ground - Black wire

Bare wire to ground

4. Split Coil - Coil B (South) alone:

Hot - Green wire
Ground - Red wire
Ground - White wire
Ground - Black wire

Bare wire to ground

5. Phase Switch. To put one pickup out of phase with another:

Pickup A - Normal Humbucking wiring

Pickup B - Out of phase wiring:

Red wire - Ground
White & Green soldered together & insulated from all other wires
Black wire - Hot

Bare wire - ground

6. Parallel wiring. To wire the pickup COILS in parallel here's how it's done:

Start of Coil 1 (red) to Finish of Coil 2 (Green) = hot

End of Coil 1 (White) to Start of Coil 2 (Black) = Ground

Bare wire to ground

I hope this will help the next person trying to install the KL12 pickups. I would assume that the color codes are the same for all KL passive pickups but I only have the 6 string versions. If I made any errors please let me know!

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